NYC Winter Restaurant Week 2015 | Koi SoHo

Please excuse my lack of posts recently–the blog has just been begging for my fingers to type something! I’m happily back after the midterm frenzy with the first of hopefully many posts this coming week as Spring Break and beautiful New York beckon. 🙂 What better way to kick it off than documenting the latter half of my spiritual Restaurant Week experience at Koi?

Allison and I prepared our stomachs and our wallets for another round of #RW2015 indulgence at the famed chic and elegant Koi in Trump Tower SoHo (check out her Spec article for more of her lovely photography and her take on our experience!). I’d seen Koi’s legendary crispy rice all over Instagram and thought this would be a great opportunity to give it a taste, as it was on their Restaurant Week menu.

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A Toast to Toast | Hack The Dining Hall

This is a cross-post with Columbia’s Culinary Society Blog, Please check it out to indulge in more food escapades with my fellow eating- and cooking-obsessed peers! 

It’s easy to see why toast has emerged as the veritable workhorse of the healthy snacking world–easy, convenient, versatile, and positively bursting with fireworks of different flavors. The beauty of toast, like that of the sandwich, or oatmeal, or pizza, is its customizability. Is your sweet tooth nagging with a vengeance? Smear your tried-and-true pairing of Nutella and banana. Want something a little more savory? Go ahead with some hummus or brie as your base. It’s quick, it’s fun, and can be tailored to whatever sends your taste buds to crunchy-crust heaven.

As I’m constantly perfecting the intricate art of hacking Ferris Booth Commons (you’ll notice I almost never post about defying the dining rules of John Jay and that’s because it almost never, ever ends well), I decided to see how well Ferris and its culinary bounty (…) could inspire a toast tasting. After evaluating what I could possibly steal that could provide the best possible combination of flavors most efficiently (would it be weird if I literally just asked for the pieces of brie in the brie sandwich? I promise I don’t just eat hummus for my meals. Would you judge me for stealing an entire bowl of Nutella?), here are the results of my culinary experimenting, which I dare say turned out pretty marvelously!

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Let Winter Restaurant Week 2015 Begin: Obicà Mozzarella Bar Pizza e Cucina

It is rare that I venture out to an upscale restaurant in one of New York City’s most up-and-coming food hubs (in this case, the Flatiron District) and it is even rarer when I am literally at a loss for … Continue reading

Bagels, Burrata & Bliss | A Bit of Everything

I’m back today to happily take you all through some more city escapades! To me, there is truly no better fun than finding and rediscovering oneself, whether it be through invigorating one’s tastebuds in a perpetual culinary carnival, indulging in the finer pleasures of life (music and art, because duh) or tripping and slipping in awe at the peculiar kind of newness that is a sugary snowfall…all of which I hope you’ll enjoy reading about today!

First up, a craving since stepping onto this campus in August that was FINALLY satisfied with a blessed snow day–ABSOLUTE BAGELS!!





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Overnight Oats: Magic in a Jar

If there is one breakfast gem a breakfast aficionado can’t get enough of (and if I was forced–God forbid–to pick just one) it would be oatmeal. That understated elegance of that strangely chewy-mushy-sticky texture. The oft-dismissed blandness. Its versatility–you want … Continue reading

We Interrupt Your Regularly Scheduled Programming…

Dear all,

Thank you for your patience with me and your questions about my whereabouts away from my blog. Several big events have occurred in my family and life in the past few weeks, so please bear with me, and I’ll resume my weekly posts hopefully starting next weekend as I return to the city for the start of the new (!!!!) semester.

Hope you are all having a wonderful week and thank you for keeping me in your thoughts (trust me, I’ve done the same for you all). Your support and love mean more than I could possibly say. Love you all! Talk to you soon.



Mornings Done Right | A Healthy Mindset

I’ve been getting a lot of questions recently on positivity and general well-being. A few examples:

“What do you do to stay happy and motivated?”

“How do you deal with negative people in your life?”

“Do you have any tips on being as happy as you are?”

Firstly, I’m flattered that you all find happiness in my blog and how I write–I, like everyone, have good and bad days, and sometimes the bad days are staggeringly hard. The most important thing, I think, having a continuous reserve of strength to draw from to turn the bad ones into better ones and to really relish in the great ones.

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Life Lately | Winter Break 2014

Ahhhhh, it’s finally here, the moment we’ve been waiting for all semester: WINTER BREAK! A.K.A. a month-long oasis of doing absolutely nothing meaningful or substantial and being perfectly okay with it and pretending school doesn’t exist (until your grades come in one by one….ugh) and sleeping/eating/doing both at once. I went into break with full intention of taking as much advantage of not being an acceptable, responsible student as possible, and thus far, I think I’m doing a pretty decent job. 😉

Priority No. 1 for me now that I’m at home is to spend as much time with friends and family as possible–a given, but an important one. My friends from school I consider my sisters, other halves (or fourths, or fifths…), spirit animals, chosen family. They inspire me in their thirst for life, desire for challenge, and indomitable positivity. Even if Columbia is filled with its own gems of people, my friends from high school are their own kind of irreplaceable, and I’m grateful for every moment I get to spend with them.

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Holidays in the City: Christmas in New York

Dropping in with another quick post, heavy on the pictures (of food) and gushing about how beautiful the city gets (especially its food) the weeks leading up to one of my favorite holidays. If you’re near the West Village or … Continue reading

On Being Single | “Relationship Culture”

I have a confession: one of my biggest fears is ending up lonely.

Clarification: lonely, not alone. I’ve realized that I’m fine–more than fine, I actually crave it sometimes–with being alone. To hear the hum of my own thoughts, to be with my own being, and to take some much-needed time to evaluate and re-evaluate myself and my choices, beliefs, values, which change as constantly as the city I love most.

But sometimes (if I’m being honest, most times), just as much as I crave alone-ness, I crave someone or something to take loneliness away.

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